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1799-1863, Aleksander Zakrzewski, Lithographer, -- First “Plat” of San Francisco

Felix Paul (Feliks Paweł) Wierzbicki (See:  UCSF Toland Hall Mural)

    Murals created by Polish-born artist, Bernard Zakheim (1896-1985)

   California As It Is and As It May Be by Felix Paul Wierzbicki

   (About the Author)  |  (More About the Author)  |  Wierzbicki in the USA

   California’s First Medical Author/Author of First Book Published in English in California

12/26/1849 (New Work on California)

12/31/1849 (“A New Work Upon California” – Lengthy Book Review)

7/13/1850 (Exiles in California)

12/16/1853 (Poland and European War)

12/5/1854 (The November Uprising – Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Polish Revolution)

12/9/1854 (“Reconstruction of the Kingdom of Poland”)

3/22/1855 (The Power of Russia)

9/28/1855  (Allied Celebration – Taking of Sebastopol)

4/7/1856 (Lectures on Spiritualism)

7/15/1856 (F.P. Wierzbicki)

7/18/1856 (Dr. Czapkay, Member, Central Polish Committee, 1863)

12/16/1856 (“The Beautiful in Poetry”)

6/3/1857 (Bielawski Letter to Secretary of State) (page 2)

1/26/1859 (Strentzel’s Vineyard)

12/28/1860 (Felix Paul Wierzbicki obit) (Feliks Paweł Wierzbicki)

8/9/1861 (Stanford, Crocker and Sacramento Pioneer James C. Zabriskie)

1/22/1862 (Władysław and Andrzej Zamojski | California Polanders)

Civil War (“Poles Were Valiant in the Civil War”) (Krzyżanowski)

3/16/1863 (The Rising in Poland)

3/18/1863 (Polish Insurrection)

4/17/1863  (Meeting of Poles; Sympathy With Their Struggling Countrymen)

4/17/1863 (The Polish Revolution)

4/18/1863 (Polish Insurrection Not Supressed)

(Meeting at the Russ House with Zabriskie)

4/20/1863 (Polanders in San Francisco) (Piotrowski / James C. Zabriskie)

4/21/1863 (Polish Meeting)

4/23/1863 (Appeal of the Polanders)  |  San Francisco Bulletin

4/23/1863 (Committee on Polish Affairs) (Newton Booth)

4/25/1863 (Polanders Ask Americans)

4/27/1863 (Sympathy for Poland)

4/30/1863 (Join the Society of Polanders)

5/2/1863 (Society of Polanders)

5/4/1863 (Polanders:  In Honor of Your Country’s Trials)

5/8/1863 (Central Polish Society Election)  |  Central Polish Society of the Pacific

5/9/1863 (Central Polish Committee)

5/19/1863 (Sympathy With the Polish Revolution)

5/20/1863 (To Discuss the Freedom of Poland)  |  (Polish Freedom and Nationality)

5/23/1863 (Polish Executive Committee)

5/23/1863 (Polish Revolution Sympathizers) (Piotrowski Speech) (transcribed speech)

5/23/1863 (Address, Polish National Committee)

5/24/1863 (General Wright’s Letter to Polanders)

5/25/1863 (Polish Mass Meeting in San Francisco) (Piotrowski, JC Zabriskie, T. Starr King)

5/27/1863 (The Cause of Poland)  |  General Wright and the Polanders

5/28/1863 (Appeal for Aid – Sympathy With Poland)

5/30/1863 (A Russian’s Opinion)  |  Subscriptions to the Polish Cause

Polish Fund, 1863 |  Subscriptions  |  Subscriptions |  More Contributions

6/5/1863 (Appeal for Poland)

6/19/1863 (Polish Revolution)

6/26/1863 (Martinez and Dr. Strentzel)

7/6/1863 (A Stormy Epoch)  |  News of the Day

7/13/1863 Polish Committee of Sacramento  |  The Polish Struggle

7/16/1863 The Polish Question

7/17/1863 (Policy of US to Polish Revolution)

7/21/1863 (“Agent for the Poles” – Piotrowski)

7/29/1863 Poland: A People Who Have Been Cheated

8/8/1863 (Meeting for Poland) (Piotrowski)

8/18/1863 (Polish Ladies Possess a Most Lively Wit”)

9/4/1863 (The Polish Fund)

9/5/1863 (Polish Committee Funds / Martin Prag)

9/11/1863 (The Polish Question)

9/29/1863 (Polish Relief Fund in Paris)

10/21/1863 (Piotrowski to Zabriskie:  Gift of Quartz Cane, Inscribed)

10/23/1863 (The Polish Question)

10/15/1863 (Proposed Russian Alliance)

10/29/1863 (“To a Polander”)

11/2/1863 (Address of the Polish National Government to the World)

11/7/1863 (Piotrowski Speech) Pacific Polish Association Meeting  |  Meeting

11/28/1863 (Dr. John Strentzel Donates to the Cause of Poland)

12/2/1863 (Polanders Meet; Patriotic Speeches; Money for Polish Fund)

12/8/1863 (“After the Pacification of Poland”)

12/14/1863 (California Contributions to the Polish Cause)

12/15/1863 (San Franciscans Send $2,000 to Poles in Paris)

12/17/1863 (Aid for Poland)

1/7/1864 (Polish Celebration)

1/21/1864 (Celebration of the Present Polish Revolution)

1/22/1864 (Polish National Celebration, Catholics and Jews)  |  The Polish Celebration

1/22/1864 (Poland: An Essay)

1/23/1864 (Polish Reunion – Synagogue Services) (First Anniversary of Uprising)

2/4/1864 (Address:  Polish Committee to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave)

3/3/1864 (Polish Meeting at the Russ House) (Emanuel Charles Christian Russ – Polish)

3/4/1864 (Russians in Poland – Chateau of Count Plater)

3/5/1864 (Polish Delegation at Funeral of Rev. Thomas Starr King)

4/3/1864 (Dr. Czapkay Retires)

4/5/1864 (Polish Meeting at the Russ House)

5/8/1864 (C. Meyer, Agent for the Polish Cause)

5/31/1864 (Polish Executive Committee)  |  Polish Relief

7/9/1864 (Cause of Struggling Poland)

10/30/1864 (Polish Committee of the Pacific)

12/10/1864 (Letter from Germany: “The Poles”; Count Plater)

1/21/1865 (Polish Patriotic Celebration at the Russ House)

2/8/1865 (RE The Polish Revolution)

6/30/1865 (Polanders in California Among the Most Loyal)

9/24/1865 (Jarosław Dombrowski & RK Piotrowski’s sister)  |  9/30/1865 (“Unfortunate Race”)

1866-1938 (Gabriel SovulewskiYosemite Trail Builder)

11/3/1866 (Marriage of Captain Kazimierz Bielawski)

2/28/1866 (The Late Polish Insurrection)

3/13/1866 (Bielawski 1865 RR Map of California)

4/27/1867 (Polish Exiles Sent to Siberia)

5/10/1867 (A Vindication of Poland)

2/6/1869 (“Three Salons” – The Young Chopin)

1870s (Polish 49er; Friend of John Muir)

5/6/1871 (California Pioneer Literature – F.P. Wierzbicki)

7/25/1871 (Political Exile Escape)

11/30/1871 (Reunion at the Iron House – Polish Anniversary)

3/1/1872 (There Is Hope for Poland)

12/21/1872 (Kraków)

12/1/1875 (Anniversary of the Polish Revolution)  |  Anniversary of the Polish Revolution

5/19/1876 (National Polish Museum, Switzerland) (Count Władysław Plater)

5/21/1876 (Polish Society Gift from Zeltner) (Kościuszko)                                                     

7/13/1876 (Poland Congratulates the United States – W. Plater)

11/14/1876 (How Polish Exiles Are Punished in Siberia) (Piotrowski)

12/1/1876 (Polish Society of CA Meeting) (Bednawski Address); Fair Land of Poland

12/2/1876 (Commemoration of 1830 Struggle – The November Uprising) (Patriots)


12/5/1877 (Anniversary of the Polish Revolution)

1/2/1878 (Polish Society Elections)

1/13/1878 (Vote of Thanks / Polish Society Elections)

1/14/1878 (Polish Society Elections)

4/5/1878 (Meeting to Discuss Poles in Turkey)

4/6/1878 (Russian Atrocities; Poles in Turkey / Krzyżanowski) (Unfortunate Poland)

4/8/1878 (Russia and the Poles:  Poles in San Francisco Protest)

10/12/1878 (Krzyżanowski Appointed Treasury Agent)

12/5/1878 (Remembering the Polish Revolution)

1/26/1879 (Siberian Exiles) (Horrible Treatment)

4/13/1879 (Polish Literature) (W. Krzyżanowski – Civil War)

4/26/1879 (San Francisco Poles congratulate Kraszewski)

6/24/1879 (The Polish Language)

1/24/1880 (Polish Society Celebrates)  (San Francisco Bulletin)

1/25/1880 (Poland’s Independence)

3/22/1880 (Aleksander Bednawski, Pol. Soc. of Calif., Modjeska, “Piteous Poland”)

4/14/1880 (John Muir’s Polish Connection – John Strentzel aka Jan Teofil Strencel)

5/19/1880 (The Poles in Philadelphia – From Alex Bednawski in S.F.)

6/7/1880 (Bednawski on Polish Rule)

11/20/1880 (Fiftieth Anniversary of Poland’s Struggle) (Half a Century Ago)

11/22/1880 (1830 Independence Day Preparations) (Alexander Bednawski Sketch)

11/30/1880 (Fiftieth Anniversary of the Revolution of 1830)

9/25/1881 (Pawlicki on death of President Garfield)

1/29/1882 (Siberian Exiles) (Piotrowski)

2/14/1882 (Polish Society of California: Solidarity with Persecuted Jews)

3/31/1882 (Bielawski, Distinguished Guest)

12/5/1882 (Commemoration of the 1830 Uprising)

1/1/1883 (Fair Land of Poland)

1/7/1883 (Society Elections)  |  1/26/1883 (Polish Revolution Anniversary)

1/26/1883 (Twentieth Anniversary of the Revolution)

1/27/1883 (Polish Struggles)

4/13/1883 (Bednawski Eulogy for Piotrowski) (Obit)

4/14/1883 (Piotrowski: Founded Sebastopol / Fought in Civil War)

4/16/1883 (Expressing Sympathy for Countrymen)

6/3/1883 (”Poor Poles”)

7/12/1883 (J.C. Zabriskie Obit)

9/13/1883 (Sobieski Success Celebrated)  9/14/1883 (Siege of Vienna)

6/16/1884 (Polish Immigrants)

7/13/1884 (7 Million Sullen and Revengeful Poles)

11/23/1884 (The Russians in Poland)

11/10/1885 (Expulsion of Poles, Alexander Bednawski)

12/7/1885 (Polish Residents Celebrate; Send Money to Plater)

10/23/1886 (“Utterly Appalling Name”)

11/3/1886 (Experiences of an Exile of 1831 – Polish Patriot) (Aleksander Bednawski)

11/28/1886 (Rev. Dr. Szule) (Aleksander Bednawski) (1831 Revolution)

12/31/1886 (Unhappy Poland)

4/26/1887 (Scanty Colony of Poles in this City Exceedingly Stirred Up)

4/27/1887 (“What a Woman of Pluck Can Accomplish” – Modjeska)

7/7/1889 (Count Plater)

9/8/1889 (Modjeska:  “I’d rather be a church singer”)

1/16/1890 (Well-Known Hebrew Dead – Morris Wolff)

7/13/1890 (Literature of Poland Much Ignored)

11/1/1890 (John Strentzel) (Obit)           

2/8/1891 (Death of Martin Prag)  (Obituary)                                                  

3/6/1891 (Immigration Statistics)

6/1/1891 (Former Gov. Booth Mentions Rudolf Korwin Piotrowski)

12/30/1891 (Destitute Polanders)

11/30/1892 (Sixty-second Anniversary, War with Russia)

2/6/1893 (St. Stanislaus Benevolent Society)

9/18/1893 (St. Stanislaus Benevolent Society)

11/29/1893 (63rd Anniversary, Polish War for Independence)

1/28/1894 (Society of Polish Artists)

2/25/1894 (Bielawski and Pawlicki at Reception for Poniatowski)

5/16,17,19, 20/1894 (Kościuszko Centenary Celebration at Fair)

5/21/1894 (Polish Day Celebrated)

6/25/1894 (Slavonian Day at the Fair)

8/26/1894 (Death of a Warrior Priest)

11/21/1894 (Maria Bielawska Obit)

2/3/1895 (Pawlicki and Bielawski at Concert)

1/29/1896 (Death of Captain Lessen)

2/18/1896 (Paderewski in San Francisco, at the Palace Hotel)

2/22/1896 (Paderewski Recital – “Bravo for the Pianist”)

2/23/1896 (Paderewski in Oakland)

2/25/1896 (Marsick and Paderewski)

8/27/1896 (Modjeska / Bielawski)

1/6/1897 (Modjeska Stays with Pawlicki)

5/23/1897 (New Era for the Poles)

6/27/1897 (California Life of a Polish Author – Henryk Sienkiewicz)

12/16/1897 (Adolph Kutner Can Visit Poland)

2/27/1898 (Polish Colony in Southern California)

3/5/1898 (Centenary of a Polish Poet – Adam Mickiewicz)

3/26/1900 (Paderewski at the Palace Hotel in SF, Second Visit) (Charms San Francisco)

8/4/1900 (“Those Polish Names”)

5/16/1901 (Society of Poles, Lithuanians…)

6/15/1901 (Bednawski Obit) (Bednawski Headstone) (Lived in San Francisco)

6/26/1904 (Tadeusz and Jan Styka)

3/10/1905 (Bielawski Obit) (SF Call Obit) (Builder of Austrian Fortress is Dead)

4/2/1905 (Cordially Hated by Poles)

11/13/1905 (State of War in Poland)

12/11/1905 (Opinion of Sienkiewicz)

12/25/1905 (Republic of Poland Coming in Near Future)

1906 (1866 Farewell to Mr. Lazard Remembered)

January 1909 (Modjeska’s Career Saved by Zagłoba)

12/8/1909 (Polish Society in Oakland)

7/13/1910 (“Almost Uniform Excellence of Polish Literature”)

9/13/1910 (Pietrzycki Obit)

9/18/1910 (Number of Poles in America)

10/14/1911 (Intangible San Francisco:  Modjeska, Sienkiewicz, Booth, Zagłoba)

12/13/1911 (500 Local Poles Hear Polish Soprano, Romanowska)

4/14/1913 (Poles in League Against Russia) (PNA, Branch 7)

5/19/1913 (Polish Societies of City Have Program)

11/28/1913 (Poles Honor Heroic Dead)

5/11/1914 (Freedom Honored by Poles) (United Polish Society of San Francisco)

7/31/1914 (SF Polanders to Fight in War)

8/4/1914 (Poles Come to Relief of Countrymen)

8/10/1914 (Local Poles Appeal to General Public)

8/31/1914 (Polish Relief Fund Benefit)

9/18/1914 (Polish Mass Meeting to Discuss War)

10/4/1914 (Polish Societies to Hold Meeting)

11/26/1914 (Honoring the 1830 Revolution—“The November Uprising”)

8/11/1915 (Objection to Colonies) | 1915 Natl. Geographic: Poland

7/30/1916 (“Appeal Addressed to Americans”)

11/22/1918 (Polish People to Celebrate)

4/11/1920 (San Franciscan Tells Story of Polish Freedom – John Zachert)

12/24/1920 (Polish Mass)

12/27/1921 (Pawlicki on “Key to Long Life”)

6/25/1960 (Obit, Zbysław Ciołkosz)

Kościuszko Street in Bernal Heights, San Francisco (now Anderson Street)

Poles at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco


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LOOKUPS:  Polish Pioneers of California (M. Haiman) | Polish Americans in California 1827-1977 (J. Przygoda, Ed.) |  Polish Americans in California Vol. II  (H. Simons, Ed.) | Poem @ Wierzbicki


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Edward Maximilian Polkowski Rolkin |  Jan aka John Zachert  |  “San Franciscan Tells Story of Polish Freedom” (1920)  | Zachert and Twin Peaks  |  Wife of Gen. Krzyżanowski at Holy Cross